Ongoing events

25.10 Der Gang der Geschichten

* New: The MIDDLE EAST UNION Festival, 12-15.8.2021

Past events

Reconnecting the Middle East (25.10.2018, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin) – more than 130 people came to their first big event, titled “Reconnecting the Middle East”. In a space which was arranged as a round table with Middle Eastern sweets and drinks, a diverse group of 8 artists performed: Mariam Rasheed, Abdulkadir Musa, Mati Shemoelof, Hila Amit Abas, Zehava Khalfa, as well as Hassan Abul Fadl, Mevan Younes and Gidi Farhi of the Berliner Oriental ensemble. The performance was followed by a discussion with the audience regarding the possibilities for creating art as Jews and Muslims in contemporary Europe. The guests of the event received a booklet with the poems and fiction read during .the night. Listen to the full event

Booklet Party: Breaking the walls between “us” and “them” (11.12.2018. Lettrétage) – In a second event, “Anu نحن” celebrated the publication of the first booklet of her founding member Mati Shemoelof. In the event Shemoelof’s publisher Rainer Zimmer-Winkel (AphorismA Verlag) spoke with the author Hila Amit Abas and the poet Abdulkadir Musa about the contemporary realities of Jewish and Muslim writers in Berlin.

Dresden Festival – Jüdische Festival. 2019

 Dresden festival “Jüdische Woche” (1.11.2019, Dresden) – The event included literature reading, music and a discussion. The evening reflected the multicultural identity of the group. Participants: Mati Shemoelof, Hila Amit, Hanno Hauenstein, Musa Abdulkadir and Gidi Farhi

Nahost Berlin” (May 15th, 2020, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin– PARATAXE Symposium VII. The event will include 3 panels which aim to introduce Middle Eastern Writers working in Berlin, with a focus on Mizrahi-Jews, and the connections created between Jews and non-Jews from the Middles East, Asia and North Africa who live in contemporary Berlin – NahostBerlin – die literarische Middle East UnionPhotosStadtsprachen

* New: The MIDDLE EAST UNION Festival, 12-15.8.2021