Goals and Vision

Goals and vision 

  • Promoting a peaceful cultural dialogue between writers and artists from the Middle East, Asia and North Africa. The members of “Anu אנו نحن show how Jews and Muslim can work side by side, and how barriers and walls can be crossed through works of art and an open dialogue.


  • “Anu אנו نحنworks are significant also in respect to the European political atmosphere and the German political atmosphere especially. A project like “Anu אנו نحنcan open a dialogue within the German society regarding notions and historical narratives of the “Other”, as well as allow us to learn more about the Mizrahi narrative, a narrative excluded from discourse of European-Jewish history.


  • “Anu אנו نحنpromotes, in addition, a feminist and queer approach, and is committed to diversity of representation in their events.